Tuesday Morning Fights: Hagler vs. Leonard Rds 4-7

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Boxing
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Once again, not much damage in this round. Once again, of the little action, it’s Leonard who carries it. I can’t give him much for the movement until that movement positions him to score. He scored a good right hand around the 1:00 mark and a decent flurry with :21 secoonds left. Is he hurting Marvin? Of course not. But he’s out working him.

SCORE 10-9 Leonard
Total 39-37 Leonard


This is a difficult one to score. Leonard seems to land more BUT, and it’s a big but, Hagler uppercuts Leonard with :25 to go in the round and buckles his knees slightly. Leonard retreats to the ropes and Marvin outworks him. Leonard flurries but I don’t think enough.

SCORE 10-9 Hagler
Totak 48-47 Leonard


“Leonard has nothing on his punches.” you hear Gil Clancy say. Doesn’t matter, Hagler isn’t busy. Leonard does no damage to Marvin but on the scorecard. Leonard’s counter punching in the corner is terrific.

SCORE 10-9 Leonard
Total 58-56 Leonard


Hagler is doing damage, Ray is shoe-shining. Leonard, an expert at working the judges, comes close to taking the round by landing combinations that are visually easy to score–meaning you can see them easily. Hagler is grining in close and it’s not as easy to pick up. Still. he’s landing harder.

This is where in person, up close viewing makes a difference. In three dimensions you could evaluate the power of the shots much easier than on TV

SCORE Hagler 10-9
Total 67-66 Leonard
(4 Rounds to 3. I think the announcers have it 5 rounds to 2.)


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